Friday, November 25, 2011

Free Printed Book Version Control by Example

I know about this since 15 September but i didn't post this offer as i had some doubt whether they are going to ship to india or not and second thing which stopped me posting was form complicated form page, but i requested one book for me, Meanwhile many of our offer sharer like Vishwas Raj, Sanjay Sharma & Ninda m.g shared this but i gave this offer a skip

On 15th November i got this book worth Rs 39.99$ (2000Rs), so  i am happy now to share this with my readers

1. How do I get one of those free books?

Fill out our book request form at:

2. Do I have to pay for shipping?

3.What if I'm outside the United States?
No problem.

4. I really want to pay for my copy. Can't you help me do this?
OK, fine. The book will also be available on Amazon. Click here to buy

5.Why are they giving away free books?
Because They want to make this content accessible to more people. Some people like paper. Not everyone reads blogs.

6. Whatever. If They're giving this book away, it must be crap, right?
Gosh, I hope not. But don't take my word for it. The entire book is online in several different formats. The printed edition has the same content -- it's just prettier. And heavier.

7. How long will this offer be available?
I don't know. They reserve the right to discontinue it or change the terms at any time

Go below address to request one

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